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La Bonita


Our History

Our founder, La Bonita herself, is from the State of Jalisco, the part of Mexico known famously for its Mariachi and the best tequila. In the yard of the family home where she spent her childhood, fruit trees were always giving throughout the year; avocados, limes, mangos, starfruit, passion fruit, guavas and papayas were always in abundance. Delicious food literally fell from the sky! She remembers watching her father create in the kitchen with fresh ingredients, and it was her family's dedication to delicious food and hard work that inspired her to open a restaurant.


Our Culture

La Bonita now has two locations, each with a unique feel and atmosphere. Our Cadboro location has a warm family atmosphere, and the Wellington location provides a romantic aesthetic. Each location is a representation of Mexico; the restaurants are designed to create the feeling of stepping onto Mexican soil. We play the latest Latin music typically heard on the streets of Mexico, black and white movies from the golden age of Mexican film are projected right onto the walls, and all the Mexican beers are available from the bar. Our goal is to immerse our customers into what it is like to be in Mexico. La Bonita sources out the best fruits and vegetables, meats, peppers and spices and tortillas. Bonita herself trained her line of Latin chefs to follow her recipes exactly and be proud about the food of Mexican culture and to spread the passion for quality Mexican food here in Ottawa.

Come try Ottawa’s best Mexican food!



Our Locations



1128 Cadboro Rd
Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1J 7R1

Monday: Closed
Tuesday–Thursday: 11:30 am–9 pm
Friday: 11:30 am–10 pm
Saturday: 3 pm–10 pm
Sunday: 5 pm–8 pm



1079 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Y 2Y3

Monday: Closed
Tuesday & Wednesday: 3 pm–9 pm
Thursday: 3 pm–10 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11:30 am–11 pm
Sunday: 5 pm–9 pm